Don’t Allow Body Damage To Affect Steering And Mileage

If you've been involved in an accident or nudged your car a little too firmly against a parking lot rail, the damage to your car can be ugly and troublesome to repair. For some people, auto body damage seems like a cosmetic problem that can wait until later. Unfortunately, there are some risks associated with driving around in a dented vehicle. The following can help you understand how body damage affects driving quality and gas mileage. Read More 

Re-Adjust The Clutch In Your Semi-Truck With A Buddy

If your clutch pedal on your semi-truck is hard to push in, that is one sign you need to readjust the clutch. If you hear the gears grinding every time you change gears, that is another good sign that you need to readjust your clutch. You can readjust your clutch on your own with the help of a friend, or you can take it into a local mechanic like South Pro Automotive Ltd to get the job done. Read More 

Things You Don’t Want To Happen With Your Car’s Transmission

There's nothing quite like loading your car with perishable groceries on a hot day and then not being able to put the vehicle in gear. A broken transmission linkage is just one of several problems that can crop up without notice. Transmissions are usually good workhorses, but when they break, you're not going anywhere. They must be towed to a repair shop. Your best choice for a mechanic is someone certified for transmission repair. Read More 

Car Vandalized? Here’s How To Prevent It From Happening Again

One of the ways that customers discover that they need auto glass repair is after a vandalism incident. Fortunately, auto glass repair companies can not only repair your glass, but also make adjustments to it so that the glass cannot be vandalized again. There are many things you can do to protect your vehicle against vandalism.  Hide Your Valuables The most common reason for why auto glass is damaged is because your car contains valuables that are in plain sight. Read More 

Why A Title Search Is Important When Buying A Piece Of Property

If you are getting ready to purchase a piece of property, your lawyer will have a title search done on the property before anyone commits to the purchase. This is done for a number of different reasons, and those reasons are to protect your interest as the buyer. Without searches of land titles, there could be issues years down the road that could put you in a difficult position. This article will explain what a title search is, and why it is vital to your transaction. Read More