How To Resurface The Brake Rotors On A Front Wheel Drive Car While Using A Wheel As A Lathe

When brake pads wear down the metal rivets in the pad can dig into the surface of your brake rotors. This damage can cause your brake pedal to feel like it's fluttering when you press down on it to slow your car down – especially when you are traveling at high speeds. To correct the problem, the brake rotor needs to be resurfaced to make it smooth again. Usually, rotors are resurfaced using a brake lathe. Read More 

Four Of The Most Common (And Costly) Mistakes Made When Towing Propane

Whether you're in the business of towing propane or simply need it for a work site, physically towing it from one location to another can be a difficult experience. A good, durable propane trailer will make your job much easier -- but there are still a few common mistakes you should watch out for. 1. Calculating the Towing Capacity Incorrectly When you're towing your own propane, you need to calculate the maximum amount of load that your vehicle can handle in addition to any relevant attachments. Read More 

3 Repairs That Can Help You Sell Your Car

Thinking about selling your car? If you are, your biggest concern is likely how you're going to maximize your asking price. There are many factors to consider, as you want to ensure your car is appealing, attracts local car buyers, and is reliable. To ensure your car gets a good value price tag, you will want to be sure that you receive car repairs before listing your car for sale. This will help you get top dollar for your car sale, which is why it is important to obtain repairs like: Read More 

2 Tips To Help Petite Women Choose The Right Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

As almost everyone knows, the name Harley-Davidson has long been associated with reliable motorcycles that last through years of heavy use and terrible weather. However, while it may seem as if that would make it easier for anyone to choose the right motorcycle, the truth is actually that their wide selection can actually make it more challenging for petite women if you are not sure what to look for. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you make sure that the motorcycle you fall in love with on the dealership floor is the same one that you can safely handle on the road. Read More 

Better Body Filler: Tips & Techniques

Dings and dents in an automobile can be unsightly. Before the car can be restored to its original condition with a new coat of paint, these dings and dents must be corrected. Your body shop is probably using a body filler to help level out any dents and dings present in the body of a vehicle. Here are some tips and techniques that you can use to ensure your customers are satisfied with your finished product when using body filler in the future. Read More