Why Canadians Should Use Auto Window Tinting All The Time

Auto window tinting is an optional thing, but when you live so close to the North Pole, it might be in your best interests to use auto window tinting all of the time. Most Canadians do not realize that they are exposed to stronger sunlight because of their proximity to the Pole. This spells out all of the following reasons why window tinting should come standard on Canadian automobiles and why you should have it applied right away to your own vehicle.

On Top of the World

Canada is one of those countries that is practically on top of the world--literally. As such, and like its Russian neighbors on the other side of the North Pole, it gets a lot of sun. While it may not be felt most of the time, the truth in the matter is that the sun's rays are highly concentrated, producing a greater intensity in UV rays which do not have to be felt to be experienced. These rays still cause you to have sunburn, and at the angle in which the rays hit Canada, it requires you to wear sunglasses more often. So why is this an important reason for window tinting? Because overexposure to the sun's rays is directly linked to many cases of cataracts. You already live in a country where overexposure is a geological and geometrical phenomenon, so why not protect your eyes better and use window tinting?

Babies and Children Need More Protection

Babies in their car seats and children sitting low in their seats receive more exposure to the blinding sunlight than you do. Whereas the sunlight might hit you in the chest, neck, arms or a little in the face, your kiddos are blasted directly in the face and eyes every time you take a drive in the car. If you notice that your kids are squirmy, cry a lot in the car and are trying to wriggle out of their seats or slump over, it is probably the massive amount of sunlight blasting their pupils. Protect them and their sight by tinting your car windows.

Keeping It Cool for Pets

If your dogs or cats or what-have-you travel with you a lot, they need you to keep the vehicle comfortable for them. Even cold-blooded pets like snakes will retreat to a shady spot if your car or truck is just way to warm for them. Window tinting drops the internal vehicle temperature by several degrees, which will help reduce the risk of overheating your pets if you have to leave them in a vehicle for any length of time. While it is always advisable to leave your pets at home, if you have to take them with tint the vehicle windows to keep them safe.

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