Live In A Climate With Heavy Rain All Summer? Maximize Safety With Summer Tires

Tires and shoes are some of the most important items in your life because you rely on them for getting from one destination to another safe and sound. It is true that your health and your car's health come into play, but without tires in good condition, you will put yourself at risk on the road. If you live in a climate with heavy rain during summer, you should maximize your safety by investing in summer tires.

Great for All Weather Conditions Except Snow

All-season tires are decent at handling all weather conditions on the road, which means they are not going to excel in any category. Summer tires may seem like they are only good during summer, but the truth is that they can provide you with a safer driving experience throughout most of the year. These tires take you around 149 feet to stop from 70 miles per hour, while the all-season tires take 205 feet on dry roads. So, even when it is not raining hard or at all, you can enjoy faster braking in spring, summer, and fall.

Stay Away from Cruise Control in the Rain

In rainy conditions, you want to give yourself full control of your vehicle. Cruise control is a great feature for long drives and to prevent your feet from getting numb over the course of long drives, but it is not the smartest option when you may need to fluctuate between accelerating and braking so often. So, even though you summer tires are a huge help in rain, you cannot rely on them alone for optimal braking.

Excels at Wet Roads Due to Tire Design

Summer tires are different in that their tread is designed to push water away. As a result, a larger portion of the tire stays in direct contact with the road, which is how you brake quickly. These tires are also made of softer rubber, which is naturally stickier, and thus provides more efficient braking. Regardless of how fast you are able to react to a situation on the road, you are limited by what your vehicle is capable of doing, and summer tires are simply the better option for safely driving in the rain.

Whether you have had summer tires before or not, the numbers favor them in the rain. As a result, you should feel confident enough to use these tires to keep you and your passengers safe for multiple seasons. Contact a business, such as Tirecraft, for more information.