3 Tips To Prevent Water Spots When Cleaning Your Alloy Wheels

You probably love the way that your alloy wheels look on your vehicle, so you probably want to keep them looking their best. After cleaning them, however, you might have noticed that they had unattractive water spots on them. To help prevent this so that your wheels look great, follow these tips.

1. Use a Cleaner That is Designed for Wheels

It might be tempting to grab a bottle of liquid dish soap and a bucket full of water to clean your alloy wheels, but this isn't your best option. Along with not bringing your wheels to their cleanest and most beautiful shine, this type of soap could leave residue on your wheels, which can leave them more prone to water spots and other imperfections. Instead, shop for a spray-on or other type of cleaner that is designed specifically for wheels, and follow the package directions for application. You can purchase this type of cleaner at any auto parts store.

2. Rinse Quickly and Thoroughly

If you leave the wheel cleaner on your wheels for too long, you have to worry about it drying onto your wheels and leaving spots.This is especially a concern if you're washing your car on a hot, sunny day. The cleaner could also attract debris that can cause spots if you aren't careful. Unless the directions specifically state that you should leave the cleaner on for a specific amount of time, make sure that you rinse the cleaner off quickly. Even if you are supposed to allow it to sit, do so according to the directions, and not any longer.

3. Dry Them Off

Even if you don't feel like drying off the rest of your car after washing it, you should at least take the time to dry off your wheels. As the water dries after your wheels have been rinsed, it could leave spots behind. By using a clean, dry cloth, you can get rid of the water before these spots appear and can admire your handiwork on your newly cleaned rims. Just make sure that the cloth is free of any dirt or other debris that could cause scratches on your alloy wheels.

After washing your wheels, you probably want to admire their beauty, not worry about water spots. Luckily, if you follow these three steps when washing them, you can help ensure that your wheels look their best after they are washed. For more tips, check out a company like Pro Tire Ltd tire shop in Calgary.