2 Tips To Help Petite Women Choose The Right Harley-Davidson Motorcycle

As almost everyone knows, the name Harley-Davidson has long been associated with reliable motorcycles that last through years of heavy use and terrible weather. However, while it may seem as if that would make it easier for anyone to choose the right motorcycle, the truth is actually that their wide selection can actually make it more challenging for petite women if you are not sure what to look for. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help you make sure that the motorcycle you fall in love with on the dealership floor is the same one that you can safely handle on the road.

After all, the Harley-Davidson company itself builds bikes to match the body and riding style of their riders, so they know how important the process is.

Tip #1--Look At The Weight Of The Bike

The first thing that any woman, regardless of her size, should consider when choosing her new Harley-Davidson is how easy it is to get it off of the kick stand. If you cannot do so now or doing so is not easy, that bike you are considering may not be the right choice for you.

If it is hard to get it off the kick stand so you can drive it now, it will only get more frustrating over time. In addition, doing it in the rain or other inclement weather in the future will quickly become a problem.

Tip#2--Consider How Easy It Is To Access Everything That You Need To Drive

Another aspect relating to the size of your new motorcycle that you should consider is how close you are to the:

  • Handle bars

  • Gear Shifts

  • Brakes

If you have to strain or sit in an awkward position in order to reach any of those tools, you should closely evaluate the purchase of that particular bike. Back strain and random muscular pain is a very real problem for people of any size who are spending prolonged periods of time in bad positions.

When sitting up straight, assess your level of comfort and how quickly you can multi-task with the appropriate driving tools. Then, do so again when picturing dangerous road conditions or an 18-wheeler on your left side. If you have any doubts, it will be helpful to talk to the dealer about choosing a different model.

In conclusion, owning and driving a Harley-Davidson can be seen as a mark of honor in many areas. As a petite woman, it could be even more so. Therefore, you should be sure to plan for your purchase so that you can safely enjoy your acquisition every day you take it on the road. To get started, check out a dealership like Edge Harley-Davidson motorcycles.