2 Reasons To See A Mechanic Before Leaving On A Road Trip

One of the most important things that you can do prior to leaving on any road trip is to have a few basic types of maintenance performed. Having your windshield and tires replaced before your road trip are two maintenance tasks that can ensure that you and your passengers are as safe as possible throughout your road trip.


One of the most important safety features on your car is your windshield. However, if the windshield is compromised due to cracks, it can fail you when you need it most.

For example, a windshield is designed to add to the strength of your roof if the vehicle rolls over due to an accident. If the windshield is cracked, it can break completely and allow the roof to collapse in on the cabin, severely injuring everyone in the vehicle.

Your windshield will also need to be repaired to keep you and your passengers safe in the event of a head on collision. The reason for this is that a cracked windshield will not be as able to keep you from being ejected from the car if your seat belt fails. In addition, a cracked windshield is more prone to shattering in this type of accident, which can lead to the entire cabin being filled with shards of glass.

Finally, you will want to replace your windshield to keep your vision clear while driving. If a crack is obstructing your vision in any way, the chances of you not seeing a road hazard or obstacle goes up quite a bit, which can then lead to you ending up in an accident because you are unable to avoid the hazard.


Replacing your tires is also a great way to make sure that your road trip goes as smoothly as possible. One reason for this is that an old tire with most of its tread worn away will not be able to provide you with the handling your car needs to allow you to avoid road hazards or obstacles. This is because a lack of tread results in the tire being unable to grip the road very well.

Another reason to replace your tires if the tread has worn away is to improve your fuel economy. A tire with worn-down treads will need to spin more often in order to move your car, which means that your engine has to put in a lot more effort to spin the tires enough to move the car. This results in your ending using more fuel than necessary, which can cost you quite a bit of money over the course of your road trip.

Speak to a local mechanic (such as one from AutoRx Mechanics) today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can assist you. A mechanic can replace your tires and windshield so that your vehicle is safe to operate throughout your trip.