3 Safe Parking Practices Every Driver Should Follow to Avoid a Roll-Away Disaster

You may think that you are a fairly safe driver who follows the rules of the road and takes extra precaution to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, there are a lot of vehicle accidents that can happen when you are not behind the wheel at all--and they may even still be your fault.

Even the best driver can have a bad day and leave their car in a vulnerable position that leads to needing a tow truck to retrieve a rolled-away vehicle. As a driver, there are three safe parking practices you should always follow to ensure that this is not a situation you get yourself, or your car, into.

Never Leave Your Vehicle without Double Checking Gears and Brakes

Every driver should make it a habit of double checking that their car is in park (or neutral for a manual transmission) and the parking brake is appropriately engaged when it needs to be. It is very easy to leave your car just barely out of park because you are not paying close enough attention. If your vehicle is not appropriately parked and the brake engaged, the slightest incline could allow enough momentum to get your car moving in the wrong direction without you in it.

Never Reach through Your Window to Shut Off the Ignition

How many times have you jumped out of your car to do something, left it running, and then realized you would take a little longer than expected? If you did this, there is a pretty good chance that you reached through an open window and shut off the ignition. The problem with this is if your car is still in gear, or even in reverse, as soon as the power is shut off, your car is free to roam at will down a slope or embankment. Instead, get in your car and make sure it is placed in the proper parking position before turning the ignition off.

Never Rely too Heavily on Your Parking Brake

The parking or emergency brake that you have in your car is a valuable component for sure. Even though it may not be common for a parking brake to disengage, it can happen with too much stress. If you are parked on a steep incline, you should not rely solely on the parking brake to keep your car from rolling. Make sure your wheels are turned toward the curb if parked downhill and away if you are on an uphill slope. If possible, use something to chock the wheels, such as a heavy brick, just in case. If at all possible, avoid parking on steep inclines for long periods of time.

With a little more attention to how you park before you exit your vehicle, you can rest assured that your car is not the one that has to be pulled out of an unlikely predicament by a towing company. Even though professionals like Bonnyville East End Service 2007 Ltd are always ready to jump and run to you and your car at a moment's notice, it is much better to do what you can to avoid needing to call for help.