2 Car Maintenance Tips: Decrease Your Chance Of Being Stranded

You should try to prevent certain car problems so that you are not left stranded on the side of the road. There are a few car maintenance tips that you should consider. This maintenance is often overlooked, but dealing with these two issues may decrease your chance of dealing with a stalled car.

1. Check Your Timing Belt

Most people don't think about having their timing belt serviced, but the timing belt can actually stop your car as you drive. The following are a few warning signs that your timing belt needs servicing:

  • You might hear a high-pitched sound like a whirring or a shrieking coming from under your hood. This sound will be evident when you start your engine or when your car is idling. 
  • Use your owner's manual to locate the timing belt under your hood. Look for wear or spots on the belt. The spots are usually coolant or oil spots. 
  • You might have trouble starting your car. Your ignition will be functional and will crank normally, but bad timing belts will make it harder for your engine to turn on. You might have to try to start your car a few times before your engine finally turns on. 

Talk to your auto care specialist before the timing belt leaves you stranded on the road. 

2. Your Battery Might Be Going Out

A good battery could last 5 to 7 years if you take care of it. But there are several reasons why your battery will drain, like a bad starter or a bad cell within your battery. The following signs will help you determine if your battery is going bad:

  • You can pay attention to your electrical components. You may notice that the stereo volume is simply not as loud as you remember. Or, you may see your power windows rising up or going down slower than usual. 
  • Your electrical components will diminish when you start up your engine. This is the moment that your starter sucks up the most electricity to start your engine. Your electrical components like your dashboard lights or headlights will momentarily lose a little power. 
  • Electrical components dim slightly when your car is idling. 

You need to have your battery changed if you notice some of the aforementioned signs, or at least have your auto care specialist check your battery. 

Remember to have the number of your towing company just in case. Because no matter how much you prepare, a vehicle breakdown is still possible. You can also ask your towing specialist for other problems that you can prevent that could stop your car as you drive.