How To Maintain Your Windshield This Summer

When summer temperatures arrive, most people want to make sure their car looks good. They also want to protect it from the inevitable high temperatures. While many people will think about the impact that these temperatures will have on their car's paint job or dashboard, they sometimes forget about protecting their windshield during the summer. Below are some useful tips you can use to protect your car's windshield when warm temperatures arrive.

1. Minimize Rapid Temperature Changes

Keep your windshield from undergoing rapid temperature changes, since this can damage the glass. Particularly in the summertime, when the windshield can get blistering hot from being parked out in the sun all day, you should be careful how you wash your car. Before you wash it, park it in a shady, cooler location and allow the windshield to slowly cool down. Otherwise, when you splash cold water onto the surface of the windshield, the sudden temperature change in the glass can cause thermal shock and damage. In the same way, don't allow your air conditioning system vents to suddenly blast cold air at a very hot windshield. Keep the vents pointed at you to let your windshield cool down slowly.

2. Use the Correct Wiper Blades

The wiper blades that you use in the winter are not the same as the ones you use in the summer. Because wintertime wiper blades maintain their flexibility at lower temperatures, they will tend to get very soft during the summer. If you want to avoid scratches and smears on your windshield, make sure that during the summer you have the appropriate wiper blades installed.

3. Always Keep Your Windshield Clean

During the summer, you should take your car into a car wash once every week. In the hot and dusty summer months, your windshield can get covered with dirt and grime. When your wipers are in operation, they can rub this accumulated gunk all over your windshield and can even cause scratches. Keeping your windshield clean can minimize the chance of this happening.

4. Use Genuine Windshield Washer Fluid

It's very important to always keep your windshield washer fluid topped off so that it can be ready for use at a moments notice. Also make sure that you use a commercially made window washer fluid. Many people try to get by with a homemade washer fluid, but you're much better off using something formulated by professionals if you want to properly maintain your windshield.

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