Car Vandalized? Here’s How To Prevent It From Happening Again

One of the ways that customers discover that they need auto glass repair is after a vandalism incident. Fortunately, auto glass repair companies can not only repair your glass, but also make adjustments to it so that the glass cannot be vandalized again. There are many things you can do to protect your vehicle against vandalism. 

Hide Your Valuables

The most common reason for why auto glass is damaged is because your car contains valuables that are in plain sight. Burglars break into the car to steal the valuables they can see. Place your most valuable possessions in a location where they are not clearly visible.

Be Careful Where You Park

Where you park will affect the likelihood that your car is broken into. If you park in a well-lit area with a lot of people coming and going, your car is less likely to be broken into. The closer that you park near the entrance to the building, the less likely that your car will be a target for vandalism.

Get a Glass Protection Kit

Glass protection film kits will protect your car from vandalism. These are placed over the windows and are not noticeable. However, if a carjacker or burglar tries to break into your car, the film will reduce the likelihood that the glass will shatter. When the glass does shatter, the film will hold the glass together and the burglar will not be able to get inside the car to get your valuables.

Have the Window Repaired

After the window has been damaged, it will be more vulnerable to being damaged further unless you have the window repaired soon. Cracks up to 24 inches can be repaired. Chips, dings, pits, linear cracks and star-shaped breaks can all be repaired. However, more serious damage will mean that the window will need to be replaced. The old glass will first need to be cut out and then the new glass will be bonded to the car, making the car safe to drive again. Visit a local shop like Mr Otto Glass Williams Lake to get your glass repaired.

Call the Police and Your Insurance

Before having your car repaired, be sure to contact the police so that they can file a police report. The damage done to your car is the evidence that proves that the crime was committed. Also, contact your insurance company and they will usually cover the damage under your auto insurance policy. Even if they do not cover the damage, they will need a record of what happened for any adjustments in the future.

Having your car vandalized can be a frightening experience and can make you feel like your space has been violated. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this from happening again. By following the steps above, having the glass repaired and getting a special protective film, you'll be safer from vandalism.